Both Body by Design branches have an almost identical small group or one-on-one studio for rent to free lancers. They are ideal for instructors wanting to work freelance whether your speciality is any form of dance from Belly dance to Jazz or Latin or ballroom, or any form of aerobics from Bounce or Step to Toning or Zumba, or mat work such as Pilates or Yoga or Personal Training such Boot camp or Circuit or Interval training.

The studios are designed for one-on-one sessions or small group classes for 4-9 students depending on the activity. The two rooms are well lit with natural light, large mirrors, wooden floors and air conditioning with access to a toilet and shower.

Freelancers can hire the room for a flat rate for their own private clients then set their fees for their students. There is an hourly arte but discount if you pay in advance, book multiple hours, book weekly ot block book.

Small equipment such as yoga mats, small dumb bells, bands, steps, kettle bells, medicine balls, Swiss balls, mini trampolines, boxing sand bag and Bosu are available upon request for no extra charge.

The rooms are also considered for other activities if you need to rent space for workshops etc.

Contact us for further details.